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A simple step to safety

Will KATWARN send me a local warning?

Thanks to geolocation, KATWARN’s Guardian Angel (“Schutzengel”) is always with you. The smartphone app displays your current location and a bright blue “safe zone”. In the event of a danger, you will receive warnings from the associated responsible authority.

Who sends out the warnings?

A wide range of warning institutions are responsible for specific types of dangers at specific locations. You can use the icons and information shown in the app to identify the authorities sending KATWARN alerts at your current location.

What do the colors and icons mean?

To ensure warnings are quickly and easily understood, KATWARN uses both texts as well as colors and icons. A summary with explanations is provided in our informative User Manual (in German only).

Can I also get warnings for other places?

Apart from your current location (with the surrounding bright blue safe zone), you can also select up to seven other locations – such as your day nursery, your home address, your grandparents, your office or a holiday location. Topic subscriptions also give you warnings for topics not related to your location. These let you find out in advance about blocked entrances or service disruptions affecting a large public event.

Are warnings available for the wider region?

You see a pillar of smoke on the horizon and want to know what’s up? An overview function gives you access to warnings affecting the wider region. You will not be notified directly for these warnings, since they do not affect you directly.

Is KATWARN available in other countries/languages?

The pilot phase for multilingual warnings was successfully completed in 2017. KATWARN now is gradually expanding its multilingualism. Depending on the system settings of the smartphone, the KATWARN application shows warnings in the respective language or - if not yet available - in English.

Why is my Guardian Angel (“Schutzengel”) deactivated?

The Guardian Angel function uses location services.

iPhone: Please navigate to “Settings -> General” and check that “Background App Refresh” is enabled for the KATWARN app. Also, don’t forget to activate the Guardian Angel in the app itself.

Android: In Settings, activate network-based location services under (for later models): “Location mode” -> “Battery saving”. The Guardian Angel function can then be enabled.

Windows 8.1: With default settings, the triggering of warnings is severely restricted in battery-saving mode. You should therefore edit settings as follows: “Battery Saver” -> “Usage” -> “KATWARN” – tap the check the box “Allow this app to run in the background even when Battery Saver is on”. Please also ensure mobile data is enabled.

What happens when I get a warning?

In the event of a warning for your current location or a location in your favorites, an alarm will sound and your phone will vibrate. Important: The alarm is affected by the volume level settings for your device. If you have muted all sounds on your device then the KATWARN alarm will also be muted.

Can I try out a test alarm?

You can trigger a personal alarm to see how KATWARN works on your own phone. This gives you an idea of what a real warning would look like in an emergency.

What should I do in an emergency?

KATWARN will provide behavioral advice. The alerts tell you WHAT the danger is and HOW you should react. Remember that personal instructions from local fire and police services ALWAYS have priority!

Can I forward warnings?

Not everyone uses KATWARN and many people are unaware of how to respond to an emergency. You can help! You can share warnings about current events using your personal social media profiles (e.g. Twitter or Facebook) or email accounts and help inform your fellow citizens. And, above all: always be on the lookout for people who need your help!

Is my personal data safe?

KATWARN has been developed to meet the most stringent standards in terms of data protection and anonymization. The app cannot be used to discover any personal information (full Privacy Policy.)

Have another question that’s not answered here?

An extensive FAQ is included in the User Manual.
Please direct any other questions to the technical support:

Download User Manual (in German only)


  • Instructions from local authorities, police or other emergency personnel have priority over KATWARN in a hazard situation. Always follow these instructions!
  • For technical reasons, KATWARN cannot offer a 100% guarantee that warnings will be sent. Outages are possible due to power failures or faults affecting the mobile phone network or Internet services.
  • KATWARN is offered without any warranties and no liability can be accepted in respect of losses or damages.